Where does the testing for aquariumwatertesting.com occur?

aquariumwatertesting.com is conveniently located in the United States for faster turnaround time, faster results, and higher accuracy.

Why don’t you test for pH?

pH is the only parameter of significant interest that is not included in our panel because it is subject to change between your house and our lab. pH is also one of the few key parameters that can be tested at home quite easily with sufficient accuracy. pH pens and other electronic pH probe and meter sets are a great way to monitor pH.


Why can’t I purchase or subscribe on-line with an address outside the US?

One of the best parts of our service is the simplicity of this process for our customers. A big part of that is the pre-paid Test Kits. USPS allows us to offer everyone in the US the same price because Priority shipping prices are the same for all domestic addresses. We would love to provide international customers with an equivalent level of convenience and expediency. Please, send us an e-mail, including your address, to the e-mail, below and we will customize a package solution specifically for you: customerservice@aquariumwatertesting.com


Do you have a service for freshwater tanks?

Currently we do not, but we are hard at work developing a truly meaningful panel of test parameters and insights for freshwater enthusiasts. Those of you who are keeping live plants and dosing supplements and fertilizers you should find this service invaluable. Please check with us frequently.


I did not receive my test results?

Please, check your spam filter on your email account. Sometimes, but not often our results are flagged as spam. Please, make sure your PayPal account gave us the correct e-mail address.


When did Aqua Medic Water Testing (AquariumWaterTesting.com) start lab grade water testing?

AquariumWaterTesting.com was started in 2006 as a small lab in the back of a warehouse. In 2014 Aqua Medic USA purchased all new laboratory equipment and renovated the old lab into a much bigger up-to-date professional laboratory within the confines of Aqua Medic USA and has been commonly referred to as the more appropriate name, Aqua Medic Water Testing. The new multiple work station laboratory has allowed Aqua Medic Water Testing to grow and manage the influx of water samples received daily with the ability to sustain growth.