VIP Rush Service & Overnight Return

//VIP Rush Service & Overnight Return

VIP Rush Service & Overnight Return


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Overnight Shipping and First Priority in testing lineup.

988 in stock


Product Description

This option allows our customers to receive an overnight return label and to send water samples to our testing facility for testing the next business day. With this option, we will test your water within a maximum 2 business days of receiving your water and will be set as first priority in the testing line up (In 93% of cases testing will begin within minutes of delivery and analysis returned within the same day).

One VIP Rush Service per water sample. If you purchase less “VIP Rush Service” than water testing kits, please note which return labels are marked VIP and Overnight.

Return Shipping via FedEx Priority Overnight

On very rare occasions, overnight packages take two or more days to be delivered (we will work with you if package is lost in mail and does not arrive within one week). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the actual shipping time, although we can guarantee priority in testing line up. Again, these cases are rare, but can happen and cannot guarantee shipping speed.

Take note of when your mail is picked up so you can have your samples picked up the same day. Also, it is best to send samples as early in the week as possible, preferably Monday or Tuesday.



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